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If you're into Reading: (which we highly recommend!)

The Manhattan Chapter of DBSA has a moderate-sized collection of books on the subjects of mental illness, affective disorders and related subjects available for free check-out at the regular meetings. Check with the group to see if we have a particular title that you are looking for and are welcome to borrow from our shelves.

The following 6 Self-help booklet series have recently been received from the Department of Health and Human Services and will be added to our Support Group Library:

  1. Making and Keeping Friends
  2. Building Self-esteem
  3. Dealing With The Effects of Trauma
  4. Developing A Recovery and Wellness Lifestyle
  5. Speaking Out For Yourself
  6. Action Planning for Prevention and Recovery
The booklets were funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS), and prepared by noted mental health author Mary Ellen Copeland.
The publications can be accessed electronically through the following Internet World Wide Web connection: www.samhsa.gov.

For copies of the booklets, please call SAMHSA's National Mental Health Services Information Center at 1-800-789-2647.
Also, there are numerous, excellent books on mental illness, mood disorders and related subjects available via the Internet. "Where do I start?"— There is an excellent list of recommended books about mental illnesses online at the NAMI Book Review webpage. Start there. Also, provided on right side of this webpage are several e-commerce resources for locating and purchasing any of these books.

DSM-IV Online: Read the DISCLAIMER.
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - 4th Edition

For Reference Only. DO NOT Diagnose Yourself! Refer to a Professional Psychiatrist for correct and professional medical diagnonis and care.

Additional Resources at the Manhattan Public Library

Check the local Manhattan Public or Kansas State University Libraries for books about mental illness. In the future, there will be a sampling of what's available at these two local libraries by call number, title and author posted here.

Links to Online Purchasing


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